Cement Plaster

Cement Plaster

When it comes to plastering, the cement plastering work is best to provide a perfect coating. It is not only for the exterior walls, but it is also used for the inside surface of the wall. It is the commonly adopted plastering technique used worldwide. One can use a single or double coat of cement plaster, depending on the thickness required. It relates to the thickness of the plaster if it is more than 15 mm. Further, a double coat is a perfect solution to maintain the best finish work.

The benefit of using cement plaster is that it helps in retaining external walls. Maybe the weather is terrible; the building is prone to wind gusts, extreme rainfall, or pollution. Cement plastering work done on the building makes the construction withstand these factors.

Usage & Application - Cement Plastering Work

Cement plastering work is used for both external wells as internal walls. Take a look at the following applications.

  • For building marine structures
  • Used for construction of bridge footings
  • A perfect solution where the conditions turn to be aggressive
  • Combined with mortar and plastering work
  • Retain walls with cement plaster, especially for high rise buildings and dams