Wall Plaster

Wall Plaster

It would be best if you had your walls and ceilings look beautiful and decorative. For this purpose, you require a building material called wall plaster. Commonly known as plaster of Paris, it helps create molding and casting elements that can change the look of your room, living space, etc.

Talking about the types of wall plaster, take a look at them.

  • Gypsum plaster - the most commonly used wall plaster for interior walls
  • Lime plaster - a mix of lime and sand or other fillers.
  • Cement plaster - a mix of sand, water, and cement
  • Clay plaster
  • Mud plaster
  • Stucco plaster

Spray Plaster Walls

Spray plastering a wall is a technique in which plaster is not applied, but a thin coat is sprayed. It is mainly used for interior plastering of walls and ceilings. Meanwhile, the material used for spray plaster walls is environment-friendly, solvent-free, and water-based.

Benefits of Spray Plastering

  • Takes less time to dry
  • You can get the best quality of finish
  • No issues related to shrinkage or cracking
  • Environment-friendly technique of applying plaster to walls, ceilings
  • Saves time because of the speed of completion
  • No mixing equipment required for this technique
  • Solvent-free and just water-based application